It's fall y'all

So, wow! These blogs are new to me but I need to push my art more and find other ways to get my art in front of more people. I was privileged to have some wall space in a gallery in Aiken for the past year and a half but now they have closed the doors. I didn't do as well there as I would have hoped but it was a great experience and I met a lot of cool people. 

Lately I have been creating a lot of pieces with spray paint and have been very fortunate to have sold a good many pieces. By the piece I have sold more art in the last month than any month previous. As a part time artist it has been great setting deadlines for myself and keeping them along with my crazy work schedule, I work rotating shifts with a lot of overtime. I am a big college football fan and created a four stage stencil that I am able to customize in a teams colors and so far they have been very popular. It's a cool feeling when you are able to create and sell 10 pieces (so far) from a stencil you created. I have tried that in the past and they didn't catch on like these have. 

Starting today I'm working on a graffiti series I hope is just as popular. These will have spray painted brick work that I can then customize with whatever. Am thinking the first one is going to be a Punks not Dead piece and we will see where that goes. Thanks for turning in...